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I found an MIT article; Please also check out my 3D Printer Auto off upon completion device!

I have once come upon this article from MIT titled "Engineers develop multimaterial fiber “ink” for 3-D-printed devices - Filaments with embedded circuitry can be used to print complex shapes for biomedical and robotic devices."

I tend to think that for those of my readers that are working with 3D printers, you would ask that as the MIT engineers developed the multimaterial embedded-circuitry-and-electronic-device fiber filaments, what the total diameter of the overall cross-sectional area of this filament would be. Now, I have contacted some of the staff members at Massachusetts Institute of Technology participating in this project: Gabriel Loke, Rodger Yuan, Ph.D., Dr. Tural Khudiyev, and Yash Jain - who is a participant but is not working at MIT right now. I think that the overall cross-sectional area of this filament will be made larger to embed more electronic devices in the future. I am still working on asking them about the size of the total radius/diameter.

Of course, I do think that this type of filament is fantastic!

I did not know what title I should address Gabriel Loke and Yash Jain with, so I did not address their titles.

In the meantime, please don't hesitate to check out my 3D Printer Automatic shutdown after Completion device!

One last word: I know how severe the misinformation on the internet is. This is why I do not want to be one of those who spread misinformation. It is also why I really recommend you to contact me through "403 3122831", "", or my LinkedIn account, and have me starting video meetings with you, or even meeting you in person once COVID-19 is over. This way, you will: a). Get to know whether it is a real person blogging here, and b). Apply your own tools to verify how trustworthy I am during video meetings or when meeting me in person.


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