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3D Printer Auto off Switcher for most of the FDM Printers out there

3D Printer Auto off Switcher for most of the FDM Printers out there

Hello, folks! I have developed a brand new – and yes – convenient-to-use device that is able to switch a 3d printer off automatically once it finishes printing. This is necessary for printings overnight and for printing-without-anyone-watching situations. I offer all of those 3d printer auto turn off devices in brand new conditions. They can automatically turn/shut Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro, Raise 3D, Prusa, and pretty much any other FDM printers off automatically. I can always customize these “Auto Power off” devices for the actual users. The price right now is as cheap as 21 bucks per “’ Auto Power shutdown’ device”. However, this price is only applicable for the first 2 users of this “Auto shut off when done” device. After that, the prices will start to go up, and I have no guarantee as to how high the prices of this "auto-off upon completion" device will go. The only way that you do not find yourself caught up in that situation is to contact me right away and not to get yourself behind. I also offer a principle-of-operation video the demonstrates the principles of operation of this "auto shut off" device. But, I can only send this video to you once you contact me.

One more piece of info: I would always like to tell you whether you're the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd client who made purchases from me, but I can only tell you that after you made the purchase.


    The main product that I offer is the 3D Printer's Auto-off Switcher, one of the most top-rated device there is. As you can imagine, this device will turn / shut 3D Printers " Auto off " after printing jobs are finished.

    Of course, this device is applicable for Ender 3, Raise 3D, Prusa, and pretty much any other FDM type of 3D Printers out there.


    Generally, unless you intentionally break this "auto turn off" device, I will always accept you returning this device to me and receiving a full refund.


    Generally, I offer free shipping if you're among the first 3 people who purchase.

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