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About Yukun Wu

Mr.Wu's 3d Printer Corner

Main Product: 3d Printer's Auto-off Switcher

My name is Yukun Wu. I am a 3d Printer Worker, a 3d Printer Repairing Man, a 3d Designer - including the design of mechanical parts, a 3d scanning technician, and an Inventor of 3d Printer Parts and Accessories. This means that the technologies that I worked on most extensively so far are additive manufacturing technologies or 3d printing technologies. I have quite a bit of experience in 3d printing services.
Of course, the earliest product that I invented, which is the 3d Printer's Auto-off Switcher, is the only product that I have a patent on. There was a point where I myself am printing parts and models every day, but almost always have the 3d printers on overnight, and was wondering if there is a device to switch it off. In the end, I decided to invent one on my own. This is a device that auto-shutdown 3d Printers once they finish printing. I am sure that for those of us that already use 3d printers to print objects, we know the importance of switching the printers off after they finish printing. This product is applicable to Ender 3/Pro, Raise 3D, Prusa, and most other FDM printers. For more details of my product, please go to the 3d Printer Auto Shut off Product Page.

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