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There have been dramatic changes to the prices of the switchers. It is now $75 each.

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

There have been dramatic changes that I have made about the prices of my product “3D Printer’s Auto-off Switcher.” First of all, the 3D Printer’s Auto-off Switchers are now $75 CAD each, and free shipping is only available for those who are in China. Now, I realized that some of you have visited my site in the past and used to find the prices of the 3D Printer’s Auto-off Switchers that are way lower than $75 CAD. Every time I make a unit of this product, the capital cost is more than $100 CAD. In this case, the previous ultra-low prices cannot continue indefinitely. These ultra-low prices, of course, are reserved for the earliest clients of mine! They are reserved for the people who are willing to purchase from with me back when I had 0 clients! Back when no one cared about what I do, that pioneer person who is willing to be the 1st to collaborate with me will be the one who enjoys the lowest prices!

You can also refer to this earlier blog post of mine:

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