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The E-Nable Alliance organization on 3D Printers enabling COVID-19 Prevention Devices

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

I was at the meeting hosted by the e-Nable alliance organization last month, and our discussion is indeed about 3D Printers enabling COVID-19 prevention devices. For those of you who are not sure what the e-Nable alliance does, it is actually an organization that enables disabled people with various technologies, including 3D Printers.

One last word: I know how severe the misinformation on the internet is. This is why I do not want to be one of those who spread misinformation. It is also why I really recommend you to contact me through "403 3122831", "", or my LinkedIn account, and have me starting video meetings with you, or even meeting you in person once I received all vaccines and it is safe to reopen transportation routes again. This way, you will: a). Get to know whether it is a real person blogging here, and b). Apply your own method to verify how trustworthy I am.


Yukun Wu

Mr. Wu's 3D Printer Corner

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