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The Certificate for my Presentation on 3D Printers Aside, I'm also solving for the Recordings

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Well, it is nice that I have received this certificate for my presentation, and I will need to thank Dr. Jennifer Lewis @Wyss Institute@ Harvard because I got some inspiration from her when I was preparing for this presentation. It should also help that I got connected with people like Professor Dr. Phoebe Koundouri and Alexandre David Gbocho by doing this presentation.

Here is the issue though: During that whole time, I wasn't able to make any video recordings of my presentation. I did not really take any screenshots either. This means that in the end, I can't really tell anyone - with confidence - that I have once done a presentation on 3D Printers, because I don't really have any evidence showing that this presentation has actually taken place. That is, unless Professor Dr. Phoebe Koundouri or Alexandre David Gbocho are willing to meet that person either in-person or through video meetings and testify for me. I am still thinking of a way to solve for it. If you would like to discuss this issue further with me, I would definitely encourage you to comments below or message me directly.

My contact info?

My Phone Number: 403 3122831

My Email Address:

Also, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

Here is another reason that it is nice to get this contact info of mine: I know how severe the misinformation on the internet is. This is why I do not want to be one of those who spread misinformation. It is also why I really recommend you to contact me and have me starting video meetings with you, or even meeting you in person. This way, you will: a). Get to know whether it is a real person blogging here, and b). Apply your own method to verify how trustworthy I am.


Yukun Wu

Mr. Wu's 3D Printer Corner

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