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I do appreciate Mr. Shannon Walters @Stanford who works on Medical 3D Printers

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

What I appreciate about Shannon Walters, the executive manager of Stanford 3D and Quantitative Imaging Lab, who works on 3D Printers for hospitals, is that he actually is willing to reply to me. The thing I asked him is somewhat relevant to his work, but not directly relevant.

The corresponding link can be viewed below:

After I saw potential job opportunities @Stanford by viewing some of the 3D-Printing-projects @Stanford 3D and Quantitative Imaging Lab, I went straight to Mr. Shannon Walters. I did not eventually get this job opportunity, but, him replying to me is a start, isn't it? You can leave your view in the comments.

One more thing: I know how severe the misinformation on the internet is. This is why I do not want to be one of those who spread misinformation. It is also why I really recommend you to contact me and have me starting video meetings with you, or even meeting you in person. This way, you will: a). Get to know whether it is a real person blogging here, and b). Apply your own method to verify how trustworthy I am.


Yukun Wu

Mr. Wu's 3D Printer Corner

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