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2 Methods that I've used to 3D-Print multi-color objects with FDM Printers

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

When I print multi-color objects with FDM printers - objects that are similar with the object below in terms of their colors - I will usually use 1 of the following 2 methods:

1. Slice the model in the Simplify3D slicing software such that the printing process will pause at a certain height;

2. Use an FDM printer that can print multiple materials. This could be dual-extruder printers such as some of the printers that are offered by Flashforge 3D Printer®, or multi-material printers such as the Prusa Research i3 MMU2S printer.

If you would like to discuss those 2 methods with me in more detail, you can comment below or message me directly.

One last word: I know how severe the misinformation on the internet is. This is why I do not want to be one of those who spread misinformation. It is also why I really recommend you to contact me and have me starting video meetings with you, or even meeting you in person. This way, you will: a). Get to know whether it is a real person blogging here, and b). Apply your own method to verify how trustworthy I am.


Yukun Wu

Mr. Wu's 3D Printer Corner

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